How to prevent a breakdown

How to prevent a breakdown – Some helpful advice from us at R&L Motors

It’s hard to know when your car is going to have a breakdown and when it does happen it can be a huge blow to absolutely everything in your life, your car can be vital for your job and your family and is a big thing to lose. It’s very hard to stop your car from breaking down when you’re on the road, but there are some things you can do to stop it from breaking down before you even get behind the wheel.

The first one of these may sound incredibly simple, but just make sure you regularly get your car serviced. This can help you figure out any underlying problems before you get on the road and it’s a good idea to get your car serviced before you feel the need to. Another very simple sounding way to stop a breakdown is to use the correct fuel. It might sound silly, but a lot of people worldwide put the wrong type of fuel into their car on a daily basis and this can not only cause problems for your car in the short term but if it isn’t set up to use a certain type of fuel and you fill it with that fuel it can damage the internal workings of your car. The final very simple solution to help you prevent a breakdown from occurring is to check your oil and tyres regularly. These two things if not checked regularly could be one of the easiest causes of a breakdown, especially a blown tyre.

If you’re unsure how to do these yourself, it’s always best to ask a professional but the only one you should really need a professional for is the servicing of your car. The other ways you can use to prevent a breakdown are simple enough to do yourself and will save you a lot more money on repair bills in the long run.

If you’d like to know more information on how to prevent a breakdown, or if you’re interested in what R & L Motors can do for you, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us and a member of our friendly team will contact you back very shortly.

R and L Motors Halton

R and L Motors Halton are the local alternative and positive solution to the Franchised Main Dealer Network and we cover the Widnes area, come to our garage today to find out more! Not only do we service your car to all Manufacturers Service Schedules but more often than not we go beyond and for a lot less of the cost. We are committed to achieving the highest levels of car servicing but without incurring Main Dealer prices.

From our humble beginnings in 1989 to the current day our ethos has always remained the same. Not only do we build a history with your car but we build a relationship with you, because we know that garages these days aren’t widely trusted, but once you’ve seen our services, we can guarantee that you’ll be very happy with our results. Our Qualified team of 4 are trained in all areas relevant to your enquiry. So you can rest assured that you are always in safe hands.

Our prices are checked regularly and the quality of our work is always subjected to strict quality controls.  So whether you have a new or used car we guarantee to give you a more personal and cost effective service than anyone else locally.  We have built a reputation over decades of hard work. We know many of our customers by their first name.

You can call us direct, you can speak to any member of our team and that includes the director himself. We try to build a friendship, a friendship built on trust and confidence, call us today or call into our garage located 2 minutes away from Tesco in Widnes’ town centre, or alternatively contact us through our website and a member of our friendly R and L Motors Halton team will be in contact with you shortly.


Maintaining your cars exterior

How to Maintain your car’s exterior image – a brief guide with R&L Motors


Here at R&L Motors Widnes, we always enjoy giving helpful tips to our customers in the Widnes community, today we’ll be talking about how to maintain your cars exterior image. To keep your car looking as good as new and help maintain its value, one of the main areas to concentrate your time and effort on is the exterior. This is not only the first thing a potential buyer will notice, but if kept in good condition, could also extend the lifetime of the vehicle. Obviously we re now heading into the colder Autumn & Winter months, and with the inevitable road-gritting that goes hand in hand with this time of year, it is very important to make sure you keep your car’s paintwork spotless. If left for an extended period of time, the salt from the roads can lead to alloy wheel corrosion and rust spots appearing on your car’s bodywork, which is something we all want to try and avoid!


There are many causes that will make your car’s appearance look bad, the road-gritters is just one example of this, but there are other elements such; as bird droppings, tree sap, bugs and re-surfacing works, which could also cause damage to your car’s paintwork. The key to keeping your car’s exterior in tip top condition really couldn’t be simpler; wash it regularly, wax it often and make sure any paintwork scuffs and scratches are repaired as soon as they occur.


Here are some more of our top tips for maintaining your car’s paintwork:


  • Clean your alloys regularly during the Winter months to stop road salt causing corrosion.
  • Get any paintwork scratches and scuffs repaired asap – if left too long the damage will become much worse.
  • Be careful not to rub dirt and grime into the car paintwork when you wash it, as it could cause minor scratches.
  • When washing your car, make sure you use products designed for the purpose to avoid any potentially costly mishaps!
  • Keep your distance from the car in front – not just for safety reasons, but also to avoid those nasty stone chips.
  • Make sure you wash your car regularly to remove dirt before it builds up and becomes much harder to wash off.
  • Wax your car’s paintwork every 3 months to help maintain colour and shine, but it may be necessary to wax more regularly during the harsher Winter months.


For more information on how to properly care for your car, or if you’d like to hear about our other great services, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly.