Classic Car Restoration Widnes

Classic Car Restoration Widnes


Do you have a classic car that needs restoring back to its days of glory? If the answer to this question is yes, then you may be pleased to know that here at R&L Motors Widnes, we offer a Classic Car Restoration Widnes. This service restores the body work on the car along with paintwork and even the mechanics of the car to get it running smoothly again! We undertake classic car restoration projects from customers all across the Widnes & Halton area no matter where you are based in these areas, we will work with you during every step of the project including collection/delivery of your classic car.


Customer input is always important with any major restoration work as large projects can often take a number of months to complete. We always encourage the owners of the vehicle to make regular visits to the workshop so that they are kept fully abreast of developments at all stages and can see the ongoing progress of their car. We also understand that restoring a classic car requires a budget, from parts & labour to materials costs & unexpected repairs we may encounter during the restoration process. In order to help our customers, we can arrange a staged payment plan & where additional work is required we will always send an estimate before commencing the repair. But one thing is certain when taking advantage of this service, you will have a fantastic vehicle that is road suitable and flashy soon!


So, are you looking to get your classic car professionally restored or do you have an unfinished restoration project which you’ve been trying to finish for some time? If the answer is yes, then get in contact with us at R&L Motors Widnes and we can help you achieve your goal. Alternatively if you would like some more information on the other Garage Services that we offer, then again please contact us.


*all stages of the project are photographed, meaning you have a full record of the restoration. This can be especially helpful when presenting your car at a show or when you come to sell on your classic.

Car Restorations & Rebuilds

Do you own a classic car that’s just sitting in your garage because it can’t run anymore or because the paintwork has worn away and you don’t want it to become damaged? Well here at R&L Motors we can bring back your car to its former glory, to the pride and joy of years gone past. We love to restore or to modify your classic cars beyond manufacturer’s wildest dreams. We can have it running on the road again and it will even look like its just came out of its factory again.

We have a passion for everything motoring; cars, bikes, trucks, four wheel drives. That’s why we understand that it takes care and dedication when it comes to a project, especially a restoration project, we dedicate a large amount of time in making sure every nook and cranny is completely restored to what it would look like when it was first made.


Classic car restoration takes time and skill, most panel shops don’t have the time or the ability to restore or modify classic cars. We are different, we love it! Our skilled body builders, panel beaters, spray painters and mechanics have years of experience and can’t wait to work on a vintage or classic car, bike or even scooter. So call us to day and turn back the time on your classic vehicle.

Common rebuild work includes:

  • Rust work
  • Panel re-manufacturing
  • Panel modification, flares, rolled panels
  • Lift kits
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Colour restorations, or application of original colour
  • Bare metal re-sprays
  • Other repairs to the vehicle (e.g. brakes, indicators, damaged windows etc.)

Whatever the job big or small, we’ll get it done for you and you can have your old pride and joy back on the road in no time at all! If you’re interested in our Classic Car Restorations Widnes, or you would like some more information on the other services that we provide, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly.